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Your best smile could be one appointment away

Taking the distress out of tooth loss and restoring your perfect smile, the REPLACEDENT® system has revolutionised tooth replacement in the digital age with the aid of computer guided software and 3D printed keyhole technology.

The result is predictable, precise and permanent replacement of your teeth with dental implants in an almost pain-free procedure. If you have been waiting for an atraumatic solution to replace your missing teeth and get on with your life and your new smile the very same day, congratulations – you need not wait any longer.

Whether you are missing one tooth or a full arch of teeth, with the precision of our computer guided implant planning and placement, we are able to 3D print or mill your tooth, crowns or bridges in advance so that they can be inserted at the time of or soon after implant placement. Meaning your new teeth and best smile can be achieved in one appointment in suitable cases.

Your new teeth with completely natural look and function can start here today with a diagnostic scan.

With the world leading computer guided technology, your best smile has never been more attainable.

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Your best new smile could be one appointment away