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Minimal invasive procedure​

The REPLACEDENT® guided keyhole surgical procedure is minimally invasive meaning a virtually pain-free procedure. In comparison, traditional implant surgery requires a lengthy, invasive surgical procedure, sometimes under general anaesthetic.There is no reason to take these additional surgical risks and undergo a traumatic surgical experience any more.

Fast recuperation

Given the minimally invasive procedure, mostREPLACEDENT® patients experience minimal post-operative pain meaning you can get straight back to enjoying life and work.There is no reason to suffer through the lengthy recovery periods of traditional implant surgery any more.

One appointment process​

The planned computer guided process allows us to prepare the tooth crown or bridge in advance meaning you can walk out with your teeth in as little as one appointment.

Predictable, optimal final result​

The best possible final result is planned from the start through the precision of our computer guided software.This process not only allows us to explore all possibilities to determine the best position to place your implants but the guided surgery procedure ensures we position your implants exactly where we planned them.

Am I a candidate?

Your best new smile could be one appointment away